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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O ya

Where: 9 East St., Boston MA
Meal: Dinner
Food Type: Japanese
For Who: Sushi or don't bother

O YEAH!!!! Recently won best new restaurant in the United States by New York Times 2007. If you can get in, O Ya is worth every penny. Get the tasting menu for $150/person. You will not regret it - I promise. The oysters are from Japan, the Kobe is too and you will have to look at the menu to understand what is going in your mouth. I have eaten around and O Ya takes the cake. You do not need the expensive Sake tasting menu too although sake is a must with Japanese food.

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Where: Dinner
Meal: 118 Beacon St Somerville, MA
Food Type: Bistro
For Who: Like good food?

A friend his girlfriend and myself attended restaurant week spring 2009 in Boston. I had foie gras, sea scallops and creme brullee from the prix fixe menu Spring 2009. I had never been to this open room spanish accented spot - it is definitely worth a re-visit. Excellent temperature on the scallops, foie gras was traditional but the creme brullee was unparalleled.

Good service, nice martinis and a small bar at which to wait. Nice local foods and good variety of ingredients. Call for reservations.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Where: Charles Hotel, Harvard Sq., Cambridge MA
Meal: Dinner
Food Type: Italian
For Who: Willing to drop the $$?

I have heard about Rialto for years and never managed to attend. Finally, my sister, her friend and myself went for restaurant week 2009.


We ordered off the restaurant week menu. Two of us had the spring green risotto with asparagus, escarole, parsley. Honestly, the portion was less than petite - we are talking about a tablespoon at most. Portions can be small if they are exquisite. Unfortunately, the risotto was lacking texture, substance and flavor. My thinking is that Rialto decided to put this dish on the menu for vegans because I do not believe there was an ounce of fat, butter, oil or any other dairy product in this appetizer. I tend to love risotto and this was a disappointment. When I order risotto, I usually expect a bit of substance, something with some oomph, hearty almost. Risotto is the kind of pasta that is not worth serving if it s not made properly. The risotto itself was almost crunchy and certainly not simmered long enough in chicken stock as is required. I do not think there was any cheese cooked in the dish either.

My sister ordered

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rein's NY Style deli

Where: 435 Hartford Tpke, Vernon, CT 06066
Meal: All
Food Type: Deli
For Who: Deli lovers

Although Rein's puts on quite a show and I stop there frequently, I am consistently disappointed. I always order a Fresser of steamed corned beef or pastrami and I am always let down. The meat is good but dry and the bread is cut too thickly for the amount of meat.
The meat should be cut thicker, piled higher and the bread cut thinner for the price. At almost $15 a sandwich, the meat needs to increase in proportion to the price. You are paying for a Katz's style bomb but getting a tandard deli fare. The barley mushroom soup is the one bright spot.

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Rudy's Cafe

Where: 248 Holland St., Somerville, MA 02144
Meal: Dinner
Food Type: Mexican
For Who: Dinner and Tequila Lovers

I have yet to be let down by this place. Although not necessarily traditional Mexican grub, Rudy's does an excellent job of preparing their dishes to perfection. Recently, a group of 9 of us ate dinner at Rudy's. We ordered their nachos supreme that was excellent and consisted of the usual suspects with ground beef, peppers, onions, sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos and olives.

Their nachos (served for free) are excellent, crispy, warm and served with a spicy, homemade salsa.

My main course was a fresh crab and corn quesadila. The crab was fresh, the corn firm and crunchy. Excellent. I think there were no complaints from from the group. Rudy's does an excellent job of putting out a solid combination plate. This might consist of a burrito, two tacos and a chimichanga or any combination of the aforementioned. The combo plates are of a good size and well prepared.

Lastly, the tequila selection is enormous. Although the prices are a bit confusing, it is well worth your while to sample the large selection of tequila's that Rudy's has to offer.

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Fuloon Restaurant

Where: 375 Main St., Malden, MA
Meal: Lunch
Food Type: Chinese
For Who: Chinese foodies

This restaurant is worth a trip to Malden. Their lunch buffet is one to be reckoned with - $6.95 all you can eat. The usual dishes can be expected but prepared to excellence. Nice variety of dumplings, soups and entrees.

Quick service. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to have dinner here, judging by the menu, that is the meal to eat. I will let you know when I have accomplished said task.

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Dom's Sausage

Where: 10 Riverside Pk, Malden, MA 02148
Meal: Lunch
Food Type: Deli - butcher
For Who: You like sandwiches? Then you

This place has it all. They make their own meats. They cut you anything that you want. Their lunch deli sandwich menu is a huge bang for your buck. Service is quick, friendly and you get what you want. All for less than a Big Mac - and it's home made.

The meat selection is phenomenal. Marinated selections, fresh cut selections, enjoy. Absolutely worth a visit.

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